The Book Traveller

First things first. I’m not really travelling. I just plan on reading books. A lot of books.

Here’s my plan (because it’s good to have a plan) : I am aiming to read 100 books from 100 different countries in one year. These books will include novels, short stories, poetry, maybe non-fiction books…it all depends what I come across through my browsings in libraries and bookshops. This may seem like an arbitrary goal, which I suppose it is really, but I’m hoping to get a lot from my year of world literature. A better knowledge of geography for a start…

My love of wasting time drifting aimlessly round bookshops prohibits me from making lists of all the books/authors I would like to read this year (that, and the fact that as soon as I slap something onto one of my ‘Must Read’ lists, I immediately lose all will to pick it up), so I’m just going to see what happens. Actually, I know what happens, because I went to a secondhand bookshop and then the library a few days ago, meandered, and discovered my first few books.

My itinerary for the next couple of weeks includes the Netherlands, the Czech republic, Italy, Greece and Albania. Keep reading to see how my journey is progressing!



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8 responses to “The Book Traveller

  1. Danielle

    Hello. Thanks for linking to my blog and leaving a comment! I love your idea of reading world lit from 100 countries! Will you be reading books by authors of each country or books that might only be set in a particular country, but written by an author from somewhere else? I am looking forward to seeing which books you pick!

  2. abbutterflie

    Speedy reading! That{s about 3 days/book. Good luck though!

  3. The Traveller

    It is speedy reading! I think I should include a bit of poetry so I can spread that out a bit and read it over a number of days, alongside some novels or something. Plus, I like poetry.

    Danielle, I think I’ll probably try and read books actually by, say, Czech or Nigerian authors, although they could be set in other countries I guess…I don’t really know, I’ll see what comes my way!

  4. Stefanie

    You are a speedy traveller! Im looking forward to following your adventures.

  5. Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather)

    What a great goal! Sounds like it will be a really interesting journey!


  6. booklogged

    What an awesome goal. I’ll bet you will learn many exciting things on this journey. I don’t think I could keep up with the pace, but I will be checking back to catch a few of the sights. Best of luck!

  7. Rose DesRochers

    Well that is a good plan to have. Good luck with that.:)


    Good luck!
    Tell me when you get to Jamaica.


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