Lack of internet

Apologies for severe lack of posting – I was supposed to get broadband at home this week, and the little broadband box arrived and I set it all up, had broadband for about half an hour, then nothing. After over an hour hanging around on helplines and demanding to speak to the supervisor of somebody remarkably unhelpful, another somebody in a call centre in India eventually conceded that the problem was with the company providing the broadband. I am so unimpressed. Why haven’t they fixed it yet?!

Anyway, until they do, I have no internet access at home and won’t be posting (but hopefully they won’t take too long). I’m currently in a library, but there is a queue to use the computers, so I can’t post more than this now.



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5 responses to “Lack of internet

  1. booklogged

    Hope things get worked out soon. You’ll be missed.

  2. Dorothy W.

    How annoying! Hope you’re back online soon.

  3. Danielle

    Very annoying. I was having problems with my internet, but eventually they seemed to work themselves out. I was dreading calling as I knew it would be a pain to get it all reset up again! Why is internet stuff always such a pain!!

  4. litlove

    Everyone I know has had trouble getting broadband set up! You’d think it would be a better system by now. Hang on in there!

  5. BookGirl

    Hope you get your internet access worked out! What a pain. Well, I’m sure you’ll at least have some fun looking for some new books while you’re at the library.

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