Irresistible Bliss

Bliss must be shopping for books. While on a flying visit to Oxford today, I popped into my church of books (aka Borders) and bought some new items! Very satisfying. I was paid today, so what else could I do but go out and spend a chunk of money on books?

Here’s my list of purchases:

The Labyrinth of Solitude, Octavio Paz – this is a collection of essays by a Nobel prize-winning Mexican author on the people, character and culture of Mexico.

In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens, Alice Walker – from the author of The Colour Purple, this is another collection of essays, this time on womanist prose. (I’ll be posting soon on feminism and womanism, but I think this book will be crucial to how I end up understanding womanism.)

Collected Stories, Gabriel Garcia Marquez – one of my favourite authors, but I haven’t read many of his shorter works (or indeed many short stories in general) so I’m looking forward to delving into these.

Thud!, Terry Pratchett – Pratchett, what can I say? I’ve been waiting for this in paperback for months!

The only thing I’m missing is some poetry. I did want some Maya Angelou and some of Alice Walker’s poems, but I felt I’d spent enough for one day. Also, I can find a lot online compared to most other African poets, so it isn’t urgent. I am going to go bask in the glow of my newly acquired literary treasures now, then collapse into bed!



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7 responses to “Irresistible Bliss

  1. Anonymous

    In Search of Our Mother’s Gardens is beautifully written. I loved these essays.

  2. Carl V.

    I agree, shopping for books and finding treasures among the shelves is truly bliss.

  3. litlove

    I love a bit of book shopping and you have some great purchases there. Look forward to hearing all about them!

  4. Stefanie

    Yay for new books! I remember enjoying the Walker. I have Thud! on my TBR list. I am saving it for when I next a good laugh. And I have heard great things about the Paz book but have not read it. A glowing review of it from you will likely push me into reading it.

  5. Anonymous

    Ah, a fellow Terry Pratchett fan. *grin*Tell me how “Thud” goes. I have not picked up a new Pratchett since the disappointment of “Fifth Elephant”. I think it would break my heart if one of my favourite (living) author has “lost it”.

    And have you read Pratchett’s “Night Watch”? Any good? Or will I be disappointed?

  6. Anonymous

    I am very impressed by your list! I have a tendancy to read chick lit or strange autobiographies/memoirs
    and even though I own a book shop; I love Borders!

  7. BookGirl

    Have you read Of Love and Other Demons by GGM? It’s absolutely wonderful. After Love in the Time of Cholera it’s probably my next favorite GGM book.

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