Stepping off the plane from (cold but dry) Paris, I was greeted by English rain. How I love the weather here! Paris was utterly fantastic, but I didn’t get much reading done, possibly due to all the time I spent wandering around as much of Paris as possible and sitting outside bars drinking hot wine and hot chocolate. I have returned with a few books anyway; books in France are so much cheaper than in the UK, at least half price, so I took advantage of that fact and decided to buy a few titles to read at my leisure back home. My titles include Le Sabotage Amoureux by Amelie Nothomb, Je Voudrais Que Quelqu’un M’attende Quelque Part by Anna Gavalda, Un Coeur Simple by Flaubert, Cherie by Collete and La Princesse de Cleves by Mme de Lafayette. I’ve heard good things about all these books, so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in at some stage in the near future. Now I just have to find that French dictionary…



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8 responses to “Returned

  1. Stefanie

    Welcome back! Did you take photos? I hope you will post one or two

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, welcome back. Colette is always a good choice. 😉

    I see you have picked up something by Amelie Nothomb. Do share how you feel about her. I’m still ambivalent about Nothomb.

  3. Dorothy W.

    I think The Princess of Cleves is really interesting — and I’ve got Cherie on my TBR list as well.

  4. LK

    Oh, the Paris trip sounds so heavenly.

  5. The Traveller

    Stephanie, I was planning on taking photos, but my memory card decided that it was full even though there were no photos on it, so I couldn’t take any! The lesson is, always take a spare…

    Dark Orpheus, I’ll let you know how I get on with Nothomb.

    And Paris was utterly heavenly – I didn’t want to come back!

  6. BookGirl

    Oh too bad we don’t get pics but glad to hear you had a fabulous trip. Sounds wonderful.

  7. litlove

    I’m just catching up with your return – fantastic selection of books. Will be v. interested to know what you think of them.

  8. Anonymous

    Hello, I’ve just been reading your blog lately and quite enjoying it. La Princesse de Cleves is one of my favorites – and fun to read back to back with Lettres d’une Peruvienne…two very different characters in two different periods of French history but who end up confronting quite similar issues with a similar response.
    I’ll be looking forward to read what you have to say about Madame de Lafayette!

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