Thud! (a little rant)

I’ve finally managed to read my latest Pratchett acquisition, Thud!. I have to confess, I’m a little disappointed – it just isn’t as good as some of the vintage Discworld books I know and love. The Hogfather was my first ever Pratchett read, given to me one Christmas by an uncle who is himself an avid Pratchett reader (quite appropriately as the story is about Christmas (in a warped kind of way), and I still love it, along with almost all books featuring Rincewind the inept Wizzard who can’t even spell ‘wizard’. I think people have the Marmite approach to Pratchett – love him or hate him, sometimes without trying him – and I definitely love his stuff. Why has he gone downhill? It happens to a lot of authors – happened to Stephen King, who seemed to lose all ability to write in an engaging manner after his first twenty or so books, maybe less, and then Jilly Cooper whose latest offering made me want to hit her over the head with it, or something equally terrible. Honey, if it has taken you literally years to write a piece of chick lit and it turns out to be 900 pages long, GIVE UP! Is my frustration coming out here?! I tell you something; if the last Harry Potter book is rubbish, I think I’ll actually cry.



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5 responses to “Thud! (a little rant)

  1. Anonymous

    I’ve only read two Pratchett books and enjoyed both. My first exposure to Pratchett was Mork. Have you read that one. I has Rincewind in it. I was going to try Thud, but thanks to your review, I’ll pass.

  2. Anonymous

    BTW, if you haven’t read Mort, you should. I loved it.

  3. Anonymous

    Don’t worry, don’t worry, Harry Potter will be fine. Ugh, sorry you were disappointed!

  4. Anonymous

    I know what you mean about being disapponted in the later Pratchett. I’m guessing Pratchett is losing steam with his Ankh-Morpork stories. He needs to do fresh(er) characters to get his creative juices going again.

    I lost my way around “Fifth Elephant” but “Wee Free Men” seems back to form. Why don’t you try it instead?

    And I love the Mac Nac Feegle.

  5. The Traveller

    Oohm I love Wee Free Men! I actually did just reread it…looking forward to reading Wintersmith next!

    Booklogged, I have read Mort and I did enjoy it muchly – I like most of Pratchett’s earlier books, never been that keen on the Watchmen in general, but other than that…

    Heather, I so hope you’re right about HP!

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