Guilty Reads

When I happened across this article in The Guardian, I had to laugh. A survey of the general reading public has laid bare our guilty pleasures – and it’s good to know I’m not alone!

It seems everyone has some kind of junk food for the mind; those certain books you reach for when you want to read but don’t want anything that requires any effort to enjoy. Mine is Terry Pratchett, which I’ll happily own up to. I have reread almost everything in the Discworld series multiple times, because they are so easy to read, I find them funny, and each time I reread something, I notice a reference to something that I hadn’t picked up on before (Terry Prachett is a mine of useless trivia). One that I don’t always admit to however, is Jilly Cooper’s Riders. I can’t help myself, I love it – and I’d reread Polo too, except I was silly enough to throw it out in a fit of snobbishness one day, telling myself that I shouldn’t be reading worthless junk like that anyway.

Strangely enough, Stephen King topped the poll as Britain’s number one literary junk food choice, followed by Harry Potter then John Grisham and Dan Brown. I’ve read my fair share of King novels in my time (but he’s another one that lost the plot, no pun intended, as he got older), and I am utterly devoted to Harry Potter – but who is this John Grisham? His name makes me not want to read anything of his – makes me think of gristle, which is a bit unfortunate really. Do any of you have any guilty literary pleasures that you normally keep hidden/would never read in public? (I would certainly never read Jilly Cooper in public – perhaps it is very British of me, but there is sex in there! People would know!)



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4 responses to “Guilty Reads

  1. Lotus Reads

    Great post! I am sitting here trying to think of my literary junk food choices. If I just wanted to get away from it all and have a nice, enjoyable read – something that doesn’t tax my mind too much – I’d pick something by Indian author Amulya Malladi. I love her books, they’re so easy to read…the kind you would take to the beach, but her most recent one deals with some serious social issues…

    I can’t think of any others, isn’t that awful? 🙂

  2. Imani

    I do have my trashy reads but I don’t class them as “guilty reads” because I stack them beside my Akutagawa and Vonnegut with nary a blink. Typically they are the spicy romances and, as long as the covers aren’t horrible, I read them wherever I happen to be.

  3. booklogged

    I don’t have any ‘guilty reads’ just easy-going, take-her-easy, comfy pleasures. Mine are usually mysteries, Dean Koontz, Lisa Scottoline, Kathy Lynn Emerson, etc.

    I’ve read 2 of Pratchett’s novels and can see why you love them. I will be reading more. Absolutely loved Mort.

  4. Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather)

    People would know!! LOL I love that!!! (Jude Deveraux – romance – shhh)


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