In The Mood for Quizzes

Instead of using my free time profitably, I’ve been fooling around on various websites taking literature quizzes. Rather disgracefully, I scored 100% on the Guardian’s Jilly Cooper quiz, and only 11 out of 29 on this, The Guardian World Book Day quiz. It’s an intriguing quiz, asking questions on authors/book/book related things from each continent in turn. Strangely enough, the continents I scored best on were Africa, Asia and South America. Must improve on the others…



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5 responses to “In The Mood for Quizzes

  1. verbivore

    I am devastated, I only got 9. What an interesting quiz however – sheds light on the fact that I will never be as well read as I’d like to be.

  2. Lotus Reads

    Ooooooo, I love quizzes, going to the take the Guardian one now. I don’t expect to fair well, but I’ll do it for fun! Thanks!

  3. Lotus Reads

    I scored a measly 11. Without giving anything away, that was an interesting tidbit about Yukio Mishima, wasn’t it? I learned a lot doing this quiz, thanks!

  4. Dark Orpheus

    damn. scored 16. a little above 50%?

    but hey, it’s a Guardian quiz, so you have an advantage if you’re a regular reader of Guardian, yeah?

  5. The Traveller

    Verbivore, I know the feeling! Danielle sent me these wonderful The Plot Thickens cards, which have the plots of certain novels described on the back of each. I dicovered I had read far less than I thought!

    Lotus, the same as me! I thought the whole thing was quite interesting, I certainly learned a bit!

    Dark Orpheus, you’ve done better than any of us so far! And I have to confess, I am a regular Guardian reader, but I have a shameful score…

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