New Books/Countries!

Following yesterday’s panic-inducing realisation, I took a trip to my local library to see what I could see and have returned joyously with 11 books from 11 new countries! All relatively short at around 200 pages and hopefully quick to read. I’d forgotten how much I relish browsing the shelves of the library and searching for new books – the satisfaction of coming away with a new stash is almost unbeatable. Inevitably there is also the regret of passing over several books I would have liked to pick up and bring home – I think the library must have gone on a Persephone spree, because there seemed to be an inordinate number of those elegant grey spines adorning the shelves. Also – and it is funny how these things seem to come in groups – I kept coming across books from Nigeria and Iran/Persia. I’ve never managed to find anything from Iran/Persia before and I discovered three books from there today (bear in mind that my local library is very small and has large collections of Danielle Steel, Jackie Collins et al). I wanted to read all three, but have come away with Layla and Majnun by Nizami, which claims to be the classic love story of Persian literature. I must confess that despite stating yesterday that I would not read Pedro Paramo which I had reserved at the library, I might have to. The woman at the checking out desk just put it on my pile, how could I say I no longer wanted it after they’d sent it down from another library? And it is so little, I’m sure it wouldn’t take too long to read. Excuses, excuses!

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions for new books I could read – I’m grateful for the help, and have a new list of books to look out. I can’t wait! (Suggestions are always welcome, so if anyone has anything they’d like to add, please feel free.)



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5 responses to “New Books/Countries!

  1. J.S. Peyton

    Well, if you’re still looking for Persian literature I’d recommend “Shahnameh: The Persian Book of Kings” by Abolqasem Ferdowsi. The Dick Davis translation clocks in at an impressive 854 pages but I’ve been enjoying it so far…

  2. The Traveller

    Thanks for the recommendation! I settled for Layla and Majnun; it sounds like an irresistible read.

  3. Bookgirl

    Your library carries Persephones?! Wow. So which books did you check out?

  4. david seth michaels

    Please read Pedro Paramo. It’s really wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that Garcia Marquez could recite long passages of it from memory. You won’t be disappointed. Providence, not the librarian, put it on top of your pile.

  5. The Traveller

    Bookgirl, I didn’t actually check out any Persephones – I used my willpower to resist!

    David, now you’ve said that, I feel it would be a crime not to read Pedro Paramo; I can’t wait!

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