– see the stars
– climb kilimanjaro (or mt kenya…any mountain in africa that won’t kill me)
– visit somewhere on 5 continents; n & s america, europe, asia, africa
go on safari in africa
visit the amazon, river and rainforest.
– explore the beauty of britain more; lake district, yorkshire dales, and more
– learn to drive. hire/buy a dark pink convertible and drive around somewhere sunny!
– learn to dance like a boss. or like beyonce.
– ride on horseback with nomads across the grasslands of somewhere like kazakhstan, kyrghizstan or mongolia
– get my 10k runs back
– work only for myself, earning at least £100k a year
– set up a business where i have automated systems bringing me in sales without having to work every day 🙂
– have a horse again, on loan or to own. free to ride whenever i want
– learn how to take beautiful photographs, so i can capture beauty wherever i go
– inca trail & macchu pichu
– bathe in natural hot springs outside. with preferably as few other people as possible around
– learn to scuba dive and explore underwater – reef somewhere (coral reefs of florida?)
– live in florida for at least 3 months in my own house with private pool and lanai. spend time exploring florida and enjoying the sun 🙂
– get back to size 12 again
– backpack/roadtrip for at least 4 weeks by myself. not sure where yet!
– be debt free, permanently
– own my own house. i think maybe a country cottage with a beautiful garden filled with flowers
– earn £100k a year for at least one year
– spend my time in the present, rather than stressing about what has been or what might be

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