Just for fun – this map highlights the countries I have visited so far on my tour of world literature. I have many more countries to discover. Can’t wait!

(create your own visited countries map)


6 responses to “Map

  1. great for us visual learners!

  2. wow, you’ve read about half the world!

  3. incefox

    Loved your idea. I stole the idea of the map and put it on my recently started blog. hope you don’t mind. have fun with your trip around the world =)

  4. Hello, I’ve just stumbled onto your blog – and I notice that you haven’t yet discovered the wealth of books from Australia and New Zealand. We at ANZ LitLovers are developing our very own Books-You-Must-Read-Before-You-Die so you may care to check it out for some ideas. See
    My suggestion – if you only have time for one – would be to read My Brother Jack by George Johnson.

  5. A your ideas are wired….. … … .. . I did not like your poms.they are wired . !!!!!!!!!!!!

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